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How to Register

How to Register

1.   Click on our website though a verify link and register with your correct information. Note, remember to note down all information used with us on a note to remember your information always.

2.  Once Registration successful, input your bank account number, select bank and the system will bring out your account name. 

3.   Once that is done, click on the three lines by your left ◀️ hand side to see where to deposit money. 

4.   Input the amount you want to invest. 

5.   Once that is done, it will provide you an information of where to make payment. Make the payment and make sure to upload your proof of payment in the provided space.

6.   Wait for confirmation once you have made payment. As soon as your payment is verified, it will be added to your wallet. 

7.    Then click on the three lines again and select invest then choose either 5% Daily profit or 7% Daily profit. 

8.   You have invested with us!